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Replay Solution

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Replay tracks content usage on playback and records all data in distributed ledger. Enabling anyone to license content and pay content owners in real-time. Think of Replay as a “universal meter” for content consumption and payment platform.

Replay simplifies creator’s content workflow for distribution (VOD/Linear) and provides 100% decentralized streaming with our partnership with Theta Labs. Replay is built on Theta’s Core Blockchain and is offered as a RPLAY (TNT-20) token.

Replay Solution


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Replay Whitepaper

The concept of the Creator Economy is gaining traction as creators are the life-blood of all major internet platforms. That said, Content owners aren’t getting paid fairly for their work. Existing content distribution methods are mired with opaque revenue shares and technology fees for content delivery. 

We go through the inner workings of Replay core technology in this white paper and describe how we envision solving this problem by embracing blockchain technologies. 


Rewarded TV Litepaper

Replay connects content owners, distributors, and consumers and is denominated by content consumption while removing the friction and economic costs associated with existing distribution methods.

Replay is an economic system that rewards consumers while entertaining them. At the same time, it provides creators and content owners with liquidity and real-time payments.

To that end, we’ve reimagined the streaming service experience in order to help drive growth and adoption of the Replay system and RPLAY token.


Rewarded TV Litepaper

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