Fixing Fragmentation: Open the Token-Gate

Ordering food. Getting a ride home. Buying a ticket to see your favorite band. All experiences made more convenient as a result of the digital revolution. But watching a new hit show or, even worse, trying to track down your favorite movie? A time-consuming, googling process that makes us pine for the days of DVR and video rentals.

Introducing the Replay Roadmap

At Replay, we believe that web3 isn’t just about building decentralized infrastructure or adopting blockchain technologies – it’s about embracing transparency in every facet of our development. To that end, we are today marking a very exciting new chapter for the Replay team, and unveiling the Replay Roadmap.

Replay, Out of the Gates!

Replay has had an explosive launch since we emerged from stealth earlier this month in partnership with Theta Network. Replay made headlines as Theta tokens surged among the latest in a string of exciting news coming from the Theta community, including the launch of exclusive NFTs in partnership with Samsung, and CBS’s The Price is Right. So exciting to see!

Imagine Replay