Replay for

Investors & Fans

Replay for Investors & Fans

Replay opens the door to a completely new way to support your favorite content or content creators by allowing you to acquire NFTs that can accurately measure and pay you based on the success of a specific piece of content.

In the case of Replay, NFTs work a couple of different ways:

  • Viewers can earn NFT Badges as they watch content;
  • NFT unlock exclusive content;
  • Certain Content has S-NFTs (Security NFTs) associated with it, where holders can participate in the royalty stream associated with a video;
  • NFT holders earn RPLAY tokens as staking bonuses.


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Replay Whitepaper

The concept of the Creator Economy is gaining traction as creators are the life-blood of all major internet platforms. That said, Content owners aren’t getting paid fairly for their work. Existing content distribution methods are mired with opaque revenue shares and technology fees for content delivery. 

We go through the inner workings of Replay core technology in this white paper and describe how we envision solving this problem by embracing blockchain technologies.

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